Is propagating monstera without a node possible? In this article, we’ll clarify the ins and outs of propagating with stem cuttings so you can take the best cuttings that have everything they need to grow into a new, healthy monstera plant.

Propagating Monstera Without a Node | Is It Even Possible?

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If you love propagating houseplants (and why wouldn't you?) you've probably tried a few different methods for cloning your favorite potted plants. One of the easiest and most common propagation methods—especially for aroids like monsteras—is to take cuttings.  The trouble is, you can't just grow a whole new monstera plant [...]

Monstera Plant Resource

How to Host a Monstera Propagation Party

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Monstera Propagation Party Tupperware parties are out, and monstera propagation parties are in!  Of course, you could throw a propagation party with just about any plant, but since this blog is about monsteras, we'll stick with those for now ;) Monstera cuttings make amazing party favors, and it's a fun [...]

Monstera Propagation moss with plastic wrap

Monstera Propagation Via Air Layering

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Monstera propagation is a great way to grow your monstera collection, clone your favorite monstera, or to create more monsteras to give away as gifts!  You can propagate your monstera with several different methods, but one of the most successful ones is air layering.  Air layering is a process that [...]

How to Propagate Monstera Plant Cuttings

Monstera Propagation Promoter and Rooting Hormone

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Monstera Propagation Promoter and Rooting Hormone   Once you've started to collect houseplants, you're going to realize two things: 1) You want MORE. 2) Houseplants can get pricey if you buy them all as mature plants. This means it's time to learn how to propagate houseplants!  Propagation is fun and [...]

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