top 10 monstera products

Top 10 Monstera Products for a Healthy Plant

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    A great product can really change your life. The same goes for your houseplants and monstera products! For plant products this can transform the way you care for your monstera and give you a more fulfilling relationship with your plant. Discover our list of the top 10 monstera [...]

Monstera Varieties Guide: How to Buy and Care for Monstera Albo Borsigiana

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Variegated monstera varieties are making a splash on social media and the houseplant industry, and one of the most sought-after varieties is monstera deliciosa borsigiana, aka monstera albo.  This subspecies of monstera deliciosa is slightly smaller than a true deliciosa and doesn’t have the characteristic “ruffles” where the stem attaches [...]

Monstera Identification & Fun Facts

Monstera Identification & Fun Facts

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Monstera Identification If you thought you only got holes in your leaves because of pesky insects, let us introduce you to the monstera plant. The Swiss cheese of plants, this beautiful specimen develops a series of holes on their leaves as they age. It’s kind of like if your child [...]

5 Signs Your Monstera is Underwatered

5 Signs Your Monstera is Underwatered

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We all know that one of the basic tenets of monstera care is proper watering, and we also know that overwatering is one of the quickest ways to kill a monstera (or any plant, really).  But many of us monstera owners are so afraid of overwatering that we accidentally underwater [...]

How to Grow Monstera Plants with LECA

How to Grow Monstera Plants with LECA

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Hydroponics and semi-hydroponic growing methods are increasing in popularity among houseplant owners, and many monstera lovers are starting to grow monstera plants with LECA balls. If you’re totally confused, here’s a quick rundown of these terms: Hydroponics refers to any method of growing plants without soil. (Yes, it’s possible!) It [...]

How to Grow Monstera Plants with Hydroponics

How to Grow Monstera Plants with Hydroponics

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You’ve probably seen beautiful pictures on Instagram and Pinterest of monstera plants or cuttings growing in a vase of clear water. You might wonder: was the plant just in that vase for a pretty picture, or can you actually grow a monstera without soil? Can you really grow monstera plants [...]

monstera mosaic disease

What is Monstera Mosaic Disease?

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Here’s a question that recently came up in our Monstera Facebook Group: What is monstera mosaic disease? I’ve noticed a lot more online reports of this disease affecting monsteras lately, especially monstera adansonii, so let’s take a closer look at this disease and how you can prevent it.   What [...]