4 Secrets to Growing a Healthy Monstera

4 Secrets to Growing a Healthy Monstera

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Monstera plants are some of the most beautiful, striking houseplants out there. You see them all over social media as the eye-catching centerpieces to beautifully designed rooms, and now you’re ready for one of your own! Growing a healthy monstera is not as hard as you might think! Luckily, monsteras [...]

Monstera plants need a great soil mix to grow and be health. Read more about the best soil for monstera plants and what it is comprised of.

The Best Soil for Monstera Plants

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One of the most prominent factors in the health of a monstera (or any houseplant) is the soil it’s planted in. After all, a houseplant’s pot (and the soil inside it) is a huge part of the plant’s environment. This is also where the root structure lives and where it [...]

Monstera Borsigiana

How to Buy and Care for Monstera Borsigiana

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Monsteras come in many different varieties, and one of the most beautiful is monstera borsigiana. This large monstera variety looks very similar to the ever-popular monstera deliciosa, and is actually a variation of that variety, but with a few distinct differences. Here’s everything you need to know about how to [...]