Here’s everything you need to know about monstera Peru plant care so you can bring this beautiful variety into your indoor jungle.

A Guide to Monstera Peru Plant Care | Monstera Karstenianum

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Monstera Peru (also known as monstera karstenianum) is an unusual monstera species that doesn't produce the fenestrated leaves usually associated with monsteras. Instead, this small variety has small, rounded, somewhat leathery leaves that are puckered and ridged, similar to some species of peperomia.  This plant originated in Peru, which is [...]

Monstera pH level

What pH Level Is Best for Monstera Plants?

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All plant lovers know that soil is an important part of keeping your houseplants healthy. While some plants are happy to grow in almost any kind of soil, others have more particular needs. A factor that affects how well a plant grows in a particular soil is the pH level. [...]

Monstera aerial roots form above the surface and higher up on the plant. Learn more about monstera aerial roots and keep your plant happy!

Monstera Aerial Roots: Everything You Need to Know

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Some plants—especially climbing plants like monsteras—don't just grow roots under the surface of the soil. These plants also grow aerial roots, or roots that form above the surface and higher up on the plant. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about monstera aerial roots so you can keep your [...]

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