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Are Monsteras Toxic to Dogs

Are Monsteras Toxic to Dogs?

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For dog lovers who also want houseplants, the question “Are monsteras toxic to dogs?” is a hot topic.  And, unfortunately, the answer is…yes. All monstera species (and most aroids, honestly) are toxic to dogs, cats, and humans.  But just how toxic are monstera plants for dogs? Can you find a [...]

Monstera Plant Prices

Guide to Monstera Plant Prices

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Monstera plants aren’t known for being the cheapest plants at the garden center…but they also aren’t the most expensive. The age, size, and variety of monstera can also make a huge difference in the number on the price tag. So what can you expect to pay for a monstera? We’ll [...]

In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to care for Monstera pinnatipartita.

How to Care for Monstera Pinnatipartita

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Monstera pinnatipartita is a stunning epiphytic plant native to the tropical rainforests of Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. This eye-catching plant is actually fairly simple to care for and perfect for intermediate houseplant parents and monstera lovers. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to [...]


Monstera Deliciosa Plant Care Guide

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When you hear “monstera,” you probably think of a Monstera deliciosa, the plant with those iconic slotted leaves that are all over social media and printed on everything from clothing to patio furniture. Monstera deliciosa is a star in the plant world, and for good reason! It’s absolutely stunning and [...]