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should you bottom water a monstera?

Should You Bottom Water a Monstera Plant?

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We’ve gotten this question a few times in our Monstera Resource Facebook group, so we thought we’d do a post on it:   Should you bottom water a monstera?   In case you haven’t heard this term before, bottom watering refers to a watering technique where you set the plant’s [...]

monstera obliqua

Monstera Obliqua: Tips for Buying and Caring for This Ultra-Rare Monstera Variety

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This one’s for the true, hardcore monstera aficionados only! Monstera obliqua is one of the rarest—and most demanding—monstera varieties out there, and it’s an expensive challenge only the most passionate plant lovers attempt.  But if you’re serious about acquiring one of these beauties, here’s a few things you’ll want to [...]

Monstera dubia is a more rare—but incredible—monstera variety to add to your collection! Here are our tips for buying and caring for this incredible plant.

Monstera Dubia: How to Buy and Care for this Monstera Variety

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Monstera dubia is one of the smaller, lesser known monstera varieties, but it’s very beautiful and makes a great addition to any monstera lover’s houseplant collection.  You can recognize monstera dubia by the small, heart-shaped leaves, speckled with both light and dark green. Since juvenile plants (the kind you’ll likely [...]

Swiss Cheese Plant - Monstera Resource Center

The Ultimate Guide to the Swiss Cheese Plant

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The swiss cheese plant goes by many names, such as the hurricane plant, the cheese plant, Mexican breadfruit plant, and (incorrectly) split leaf philodendron.  This plant’s scientific name is monstera deliciosa because it can grow huge (up to 60 feet in the wild!) and because it produces the Mexican breadfruit. [...]

The Easy Way to Protect Your Monstera’s Leaves - Monstera Resource Center

The Easy Way to Protect Your Monstera’s Leaves

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The best part of a monstera plant is the gorgeous, fenestrated leaves. However, that’s where the first signs of trouble show up when your monstera has any type of health problem. That’s why it’s important to protect your monstera’s leaves from dust, bacteria, fungus, and insects!  That’s why we created [...]

Mini Monstera Care Tips - The Newest Monstera Trend? - Monstera Plant Resource Center

Mini Monstera Care Tips – The Newest Monstera Trend?

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When you think of monsteras, you probably think of the popular and beautiful monstera deliciosa with its large, fenestrated green leaves. After all, this is the monstera we’re used to seeing in most monstera articles and Instagram posts and printed on everything from beach towels to slipcovers.  But there’s a [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Monstera Leaf Care - Monstera Plant Resource

The Ultimate Guide to Monstera Leaf Care

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When you think “monstera”, you probably think of those large, beautiful, fenestrated leaves, right? The beautiful monstera leaf is iconic and the reason why these plants are becoming so popular as houseplants. That's why monstera leaf care is so important! We want our monstera leaves to look good, but sometimes [...]