Monstera Propagation Party

Tupperware parties are out, and monstera propagation parties are in! 

Of course, you could throw a propagation party with just about any plant, but since this blog is about monsteras, we’ll stick with those for now 😉

Monstera cuttings make amazing party favors, and it’s a fun theme for a get together. Here are some fun ideas for throwing a monstera propagation party with your closest planty friends. 

How to Host a Monstera Propagation Party

Step 1: Don’t forget the guest(s) of honor – the mother monstera plant.

Make sure you have at least one healthy monstera from which to take cuttings at the party. This could be any type of monstera—monstera deliciosa, monstera adansonii, mini monstera, whatever you have on hand! 

Monstera Propagation

If your guests have different varieties of monsteras, it might be fun for them to share cuttings from those plants, either by bringing the whole plant along or taking cuttings before the party and bringing those. You could even trade for different species! 

Step 2: Gather your propagation supplies

If you’ll be taking cuttings at the party, you’ll need a few supplies:

  • At least one sharp, clean pair of cutting shears. (Make sure to clean these between every cut if you’re cutting different plants.)
  • Clean glass jars, one per guest (Note: You can also send cuttings home with guests in plastic baggies with the cut end wrapped in a wet paper towel).
  • Distilled water, rainwater, or tap water that’s been set out overnight so chemicals like chlorine can evaporate.
  • Houseplant Propagation Promoter to help your new cuttings grow roots! 
  • Propagation instructions

Step 3: Plan some planty snacks and activities!

While the propagation is the star of the party, why not add a few more fun activities to the agenda? 

And of course, what’s a party without SNACKS?!

Here are some of our favorite ideas for snacks and activities for a monstera-themed party.

Snacks for Your Monstera Propagation Party:

  • Monstera deliciosa is also known as the swiss cheese plant. Try working swiss cheese into your snack spread by offering a charcuterie board or mini sandwiches!
  • If baking is more your thing, try these healthy monstera matcha cookies. You can also decorate a cake or cookies with monstera leaves in green frosting.
  • If you’re feeling really adventurous, find and prepare some Mexican breadfruit for your guests to taste. This is the fruit that grows on monstera deliciosa.
  • If you want to play up the “monster” in “monstera”, you’ll find tons of monster-themed treat recipes on Pinterest!
  • Want to easy-button it? Go with green snacks! Think sugar snap peas and Green Goddess dip, chips and guac, chocolate mint ice cream…the options are endless!

Tip: Serve your snacks on monstera paper plates like these, and don’t forget the napkins!

Activities for a Monstera Propagation Party

  • Watch a planty movie like The Secret Garden, Fern Gully, or Little Shop of Horrors. (FEED ME!)
  • If your friends are on the artsy side, turn this into a propagation/monstera painting party! Check out these artworks for inspiration.
  • Time for party games! You can go old school with games like charades or Pictionary, opt for card or board games, or put a planty spin on things! (Pin the monstera leaf on the stem, anyone? Monstera bingo? Plant trivia competition?) Don’t forget to give a prize to the winner, like a bottle of Monstera Plant Food or one of our favorite monstera themed gifts!

Step 4: Follow up!

Monstera Propagation

The fun doesn’t end after the party’s over! Set a date with your party guests to check in on each other’s propagations and to offer help if necessary. Try checking in after a month when most cuttings will be ready for planting and a few months later when plants will be more established. It’ll be like your own little monstera community!

A monstera propagation party is a fun way to spend time with your plant-loving friends, learn more about monsteras, and grow your houseplant collection. 

Do you have any ideas for monstera propagation parties that we didn’t’ think of? Let us know in the comments!

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