So you got your first monstera plant. Now what? What are the basics of monstera care so you can keep this gorgeous plant green and healthy?

No worries! We’ve got this handy checklist to help you cover the basics!

Here’s everything you need to start taking the best possible care of any monstera variety, including all the resources and products you’ll need!

Step 1: Choose the right pot and soil.

You will need:

Monstera Premium Potting Soil

Try our Premium Monstera Soil that’s ready to use right out of the bag, or try this special recipe that’s perfect for monsteras and other aroids. If you’re in a pinch and need to pot your monstera right away, a gritty cactus soil with some peat moss mixed in will do!


The Best Soil for Monstera Plants

Step 2: Assess your light.

You will need:

Your monstera will need at least 8 hours daily of bright, indirect sunlight to thrive and produce lots of big, green, fenestrated leaves! 


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Houseplant Grow Lights

Step 3: Dial in your watering routine.

You will need:

Water your monstera when the top 2-3 inches of soil feel dry to the touch, when a wooden stick inserted into the soil comes out mostly dry, or when a moisture meter reads 3-4.

When it’s time to water, you can water from the top or bottom.


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Step 4: Choose the right fertilizer.

You will need:

Monstera Plant Food is the perfect NPK ratio for all monstera varieties 

Fertilize your monstera with each watering during the spring and summer and 1-2 times per month during the fall and winter, if you’re using Monstera Plant Food. If you use another fertilizer, make sure to follow the usage direction on the bottle.


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Bonus Checklists

Now that you’ve got the basics, it’s time to level up! Learn more about caring for your monstera, helping it to grow, and growing your monstera collection the easy and budget-friendly way (because who doesn’t want more monsteras?)!

Resources for helping your monstera grow:

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Resources for propagating your monstera:

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Read up on common monstera health problems:

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Knowledge is power, and the Monstera Resource Center is full of great posts, products, and resources for helping you grow the most beautiful monstera possible!

Download The 4-Step Checklist

How to Care for a Monstera Plant | The 4-Step Checklist