The best part of a monstera plant is the gorgeous, fenestrated leaves. However, that’s where the first signs of trouble show up when your monstera has any type of health problem. That’s why it’s important to protect your monstera’s leaves from dust, bacteria, fungus, and insects! 

That’s why we created Leaf Armor. I was so sick of pests snacking on my plant’s leaves and dust clogging the pores when I didn’t have time to clean them, but Leaf Armor is great for protecting your plant’s leaves from any external threat. It also helps keep your leaves shiny and green! 

This product was originally developed for fiddle leaf figs, but it works perfectly on any other leafy houseplant like all varieties of monstera or split-leaf philodendron

Why Leaf Armor Is the Best Way to Protect Your Monstera’s Leaves


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Defends against external threats 

By cleaning and nourishing leaves as well as creating a glossy, dust-repellent leaf surface, Leaf Armor protects your monstera leaves against:

  • Insects
  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Calcium deposits
  • Dust and dirt
  • And more!

This promotes overall monstera leaf health and helps your plant look amazing!

Gently nourishes your monstera’s leaves

Nutrients in Leaf Armor makes your monstera more receptive to sunlight and carbon dioxide, which promotes efficient respiration and photosynthesis. 

Basically, Leaf Armor provides nutrients that help your monstera eat and breathe! 

Won’t burn your monstera’s leaves

Unlike many fertilizers, leaf cleaning products, or indoor pesticides, Leaf Armor is extremely gentle and will never cause brown spots or chemical burns on your monstera’s leaves. 

Convenient to use

Leaf Armor requires no mixing and comes in a convenient spray bottle. So all you have to do when it arrives is open it up and spray down your monstera! Then give the leaves a gentle wipe-down with a soft cloth and you’re good to go!

We suggest using Leaf Armor at least monthly, but it’s gentle enough to use as often as you want for healthy, shiny monstera leaves. Use as a regular fortifier and nutrient supplement or as a weekly cleaner for your monstera. 

Works for any indoor plants

Leaf Armor isn’t just for monsteras; it can work for just about any indoor plant! Try it on your ficus trees, snake plants, aroids, calatheas, etc., for glossy, healthy leaves. As a bonus, using Leaf Amor on all your houseplants can help prevent infections and insect infestations that can spread from plant to plant. 

Your Secret Houseplant Weapon

Caring for monsteras and keeping their leaves shiny, green, and beautiful can take quite a bit of work. After all, it requires keeping the plant healthy overall and physically cleaning the leaves. Leaf Armor helps with both, so it’s the perfect multi-purpose tool for growing healthy, stunning houseplants. 

Leaf Armor is available on Amazon. Give it a try and let us know what you think! 

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