Moss poles are commonly considered a necessity for monstera species and other climbing plants like pothos and philodendron. However, a lot of people (including me) don’t find them aesthetically pleasing, which is a huge problem because that’s why we have plants in the first place, right?

Overall, I’m not a fan of moss poles, but the truth is that monsteras are climbing plants and need some sort of structure to climb. In the wild, these plants grow up other plants and trees, and they like to do the same thing in our indoor environments! This allows them to receive more even light on all their leaves, and takes a lot of strain off the root system because they don’t have to support the whole plant. This allows the roots to grow stronger and healthier, which means a stronger and healthier plant overall!

As an added bonus, supports that allow monsteras to climb will help them grow upward instead of outward. Some monstera species like monstera deliciosa can get massive and take over your space if you let them. A support can help keep their horizontal spread under control!

Supports are nonnegotiable for aroids after they reach a certain size, but moss poles just weren’t cutting it for me. Talk about frustrating!

The Problem With Moss Poles for Monstera Plants

Not only are moss poles ugly (in my opinion), but they often don’t even work!

Monsteras often have a hard time climbing and gripping moss poles with their aerial roots, so you have to spend significant time and effort training them or actually manually attaching them to the poles!

Moss poles can also become moldy, which can cause health problems for your monstera, especially if you don’t catch it in time. It’s not a common issue, but there are enough hazards for our indoor plants in their environment (like insects, dry air, and the ever-present struggle to get enough light), so the last thing we need is another potential danger that can cause disease to our plants!

Moss poles weren’t working for me and they don’t work for a lot of monstera owners. So I set out to find something better.

The Best Moss Pole Alternative for Monstera Plants


For the longest time, I struggled to find a moss pole alternative that actually looked good and still worked. 

So I did what any reasonable person would do with a problem like this: I went to Pinterest.

After a little searching, I discovered a stylish metal trellis unlike any other trellis I’d seen before. Instead of the traditional fan trellis shape (which, honestly, I’m not a fan of either), these minimalist trellises came in simple shapes and really showed off the beauty of the plant, whereas moss poles can be massive eyesores that often overpower our plants.

The only problem? These gorgeous trellises weren’t available in the U.S.! But I didn’t let that stop me. 

There was nothing like this in the States, so I worked with a manufacturer to design and produce a similar type of trellis to provide an effective, attractive alternative to moss poles for our monsteras!

These sturdy trellises are made of stainless steel and are completely rust-resistant, so your water and fertilizer won’t cause wear and tear. 

I encourage you to try these minimalist houseplant trellises if you want a moss pole alternative for your climbing plants.

They come in two shapes: a minimalist arrow and a simple, streamlined oval shape. These trellises come in a two-pack, so you’ll get one of each!

Get them on Amazon here!

In our research, we’ve observed that monstera plants take to these trellises very well and seem to climb them more readily than moss poles. They also take up less space in the pot, so they won’t crowd your plant. This also makes repotting easier! (Though it’s absolutely possible to repot with a moss pole.)

But my favorite thing about them is that they have a much more subtle, understated appearance than moss poles. After all, houseplants are all about beauty, so our houseplant supplies (pots, supports, etc.) should be equally beautiful! 

I encourage you to try these minimalist houseplant trellises if you’re fed up with moss poles and looking for something different. I’ll never go back!

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