The indoor houseplant world has fallen head over heels for the beautiful monstera plant and its large slotted leaves. But did you know there are several different monstera varieties with their own variations in size, colors, and hole configuration? It’s true! In fact, there are 48 species of monstera, but you’ll find only a few in your local nursery. We’ve included the most common ones here, along with a super rare one that’s only been spotted 17 times in the wild. Pretty neat, right?

Monsteras are often mislabeled in nurseries and garden stores because monstera leaves grow and change so much over their life span. A young plant might look completely different from its mature counterparts and actually look like a completely different species!

Here are the more common monstera varieties you’ll most likely find in your local nursery and for purchase online, along with some defining characteristics so you know what you’re buying!

Note: Split-leave philodendrons are often confused for monsteras (and vice versa), so make sure to read our post on how to tell the difference between the two!

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