I don’t know about you, but I LOVE variegated plants. 

And variegated monsteras are some of my favorite variegated plants of all time. They’re absolutely stunning! 

However, they can be challenging to care for and tricky to find. They’re also pricey! 

For the confident houseplant owner in search of a challenge, however, a variegated monstera can be the star of your indoor plant collection.

Since these plants require more care than the average houseplant, you won’t see them in many chain stores like Home Depot or Lowes, and they’re also rare in local nurseries. The best place to find these plants is online from individual growers, since they’re actually not difficult to propagate. 

Here are some of the best ways to get your hands on a variegated monstera. 


Where to Find a Variegated Monstera



Prices, plant sizes, and overall results may vary with this platform, but you can almost always find at least a few variegated monsteras for sale on Ebay. 

Make sure to check the seller’s rating and history with Ebay and familiarize yourself with their shipping methods, shipping speed, and return policy if they have one. These plants are pricey and delicate, so it’s worth choosing a seller carefully. 

To find listings, simply search “variegated monstera” and you’ll end up with several choices of plants at different ages and with unique patterns, and at different price points. 

It’s worth a shot! 



Many home growers propagate their variegated monsteras and sell the young plants on this platform for vintage and handmade (or homegrown) items. 

A simple search for “variegated monstera” yields several results for a number of different varieties. While the number of results may vary from day to day, this is still a great place to find what you’re looking for. 

Make sure to read the reviews for that seller before buying anything, and stick to shops with a high rating and plenty of good reviews. While it might be okay to take a chance on a newer seller, an established seller with lots of praise is a safe bet. It’s also a good idea to check on their return policy in case your plant shows up damaged.

Keep in mind that sellers live all over the world and shipping prices/speed vary dramatically. Check the price and speed carefully and message the seller if you have any questions. 

Here are our favorite Etsy shops for purchasing plants: 






You can find anything on Amazon, right? 

While this isn’t a sure bet, Amazon often has variegated monstera plants, cuttings, and seeds listed from third party sellers. Search for “variegated monstera” to see what’s available. Make sure to buy from highly rated sellers and check on their shipping and return policy. 


If all else fails, Google it. 

Many online shops sell variegated monsteras…when they have them. These plants are tricky to find even for sellers! 

Do a Google search for “variegated monstera for sale” and you’re bound to find plenty of results. 

Make sure to take the usual precautions here. Always check ratings and reviews of your seller and check on location, shipping methods, and return policy as well. Many sellers also ship these plants from different countries, so keep in mind that customs could cause problems when shipping live plants from overseas. 

There is no guaranteed seller for variegated monsteras (yet!), but this is where we’ve found the best results. With a little research and determination, you’ll be the proud owner of a variegated monstera in no time!

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