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Mini Monstera Care Tips - The Newest Monstera Trend? - Monstera Plant Resource Center

Mini Monstera Care Tips – The Newest Monstera Trend?

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When you think of monsteras, you probably think of the popular and beautiful monstera deliciosa with its large, fenestrated green leaves. After all, this is the monstera we’re used to seeing in most monstera articles and Instagram posts and printed on everything from beach towels to slipcovers.  But there’s a [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Monstera Leaf Care - Monstera Plant Resource

The Ultimate Guide to Monstera Leaf Care

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When you think “monstera”, you probably think of those large, beautiful, fenestrated leaves, right? The beautiful monstera leaf is iconic and the reason why these plants are becoming so popular as houseplants. That's why monstera leaf care is so important! We want our monstera leaves to look good, but sometimes [...]

Your monstera questions answered! Here are our responses to the most common care questions and frustions we hear from monstera owners.

Monstera Care FAQ: Your Questions Answered

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Monsteras are beautiful plants, but sometimes it takes a little practice and study to care for them properly.  We hear a lot of the same questions from monstera owners, and we decided to compile them here so you can get answers!  Make sure to download our Monstera Care Cheatsheet for [...]

Leaf Plant Diseased Monstera

How to Diagnose and Treat Root Rot in Monsteras

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Root rot.  Those words strike fear into the heart of every houseplant owner.  Like all plants, monsteras are susceptible to root rot from over-watering, but luckily, this condition is treatable if caught early and doesn’t have to spell doom for your plant! Here's everything you need to know about root [...]

Monstera Plant Food Featured Image

Monstera Plant Food: Fertilizer for your Monstera Plant

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Monstera Plant Food Our Monstera Plant Food is now available! View the video below to learn more about our fertilizer for your monstera plant.   Our unique formulated fertilizer is just for monstera plants. It provides the nutrients your monstera needs for optimal growth, splitting leaves, and keeping your monstera [...]

4 Signs Your Monstera Needs More Light - Monstera Plant Resource Center

4 Signs Your Monstera Needs More Light

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One of the most important parts of raising a beautiful, healthy monstera is giving it the right light. This means learning to recognize the signs that your monstera needs more light.  Monsteras like bright, indirect sunlight and will usually be happiest near a bright window where the sun’s rays don’t [...]

How to Separate a Monstera - Monstera Plant Resource Center

How to Separate a Monstera

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One of the best and worst characteristics of monsteras that they they can grow very large, up to ten feet tall indoors (and more than 30 feet in the wild)! They also spread, putting out many leaves and stems. A single monstera can easily take over a corner of your [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Watering Your Monstera

How to Water a Monstera: The Ultimate Guide

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One of the first things you need to learn about any new houseplant is when and how much to water it. Over-watering can lead to issues like root rot or fungal growth, and under-watering can dry your plant out beyond repair and cause crispy brown leaves.  It’s a delicate balance!  [...]


How to Repot a Monstera (Even With a Moss Pole)

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Repotting is a reality of plant parenthood. Most plants need to be repotted at least every few years, and this can be stressful! Repotting can cause shock, leaf drop, and can be really tricky for bigger plants. We’ll walk you through the process for how to repot a monstera, but [...]

How (and Why) to Prune Your Monstera - Monstera Plant Resource

How (and Why) to Prune Your Monstera

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An important part of any plant care routine is pruning. Pruning removes leaves that are no longer benefiting the plant but are still using the plant’s resources. This frees up energy to support the healthy leaves and new growth! Pruning can also help you control a plant’s size and shape. [...]