Monsteras are special plants. They’re beautiful, they grow HUGE, and their unique fenestrated leaves make a statement in any space, large or small. But they need the right nutrients to do this! That’s why we created the perfect fertilizer for monsteras.

If you want to grow the biggest, healthiest monstera possible, you need to provide the right nutrients. These nutrients support a robust root system, healthy green leaves, and strong stems to actually hold those giant leaves up.

Every plant requires a slightly different blend of nutrients for optimal health and growth. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to find the right fertilizer for the right plant. 

Monstera Plant Food is the perfect fertilizer for all species of monsteras because it was designed with monstera’s exactly nutrient preferences in mind. 


Why Monstera Plant Food is the Perfect Fertilizer for Monsteras


The perfect NPK ratio for healthy growth

Fertilizers are made up of 3 main nutrients: Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, represented on labels by their names on the periodic table (N, P, and K, respectively). Think of fertilizers as chewy Flintstones vitamins for your plants! 

These nutrients help plants convert light into energy, absorb water and nutrients from the soil, and respirate normally. Like us, plants need nutrients to support all growth and other biological functions. 

The ratio of these nutrients in any fertilizer makes a huge difference because different plants have different requirements. You don’t want your plant to be deficient in one nutrient while suffering from an overload of another! (This can show up as yellowing, root burn, spotting, and other problems.)

Monsteras like an NPK ratio of 5-2-3, which can be tricky to find. Monstera Plant Food balances these nutrients in a perfect ratio designed just for monsteras. This supports optimal growth and the biggest, greenest, most gorgeous leaves you’ve ever seen! 


It’s super easy to use

One of the hardest things about fertilizing plants is remembering their preferred fertilizing schedule. Some plants like to be fertilized more often and others just need a little bit every now and again. 

If you don’t get the schedule right, you can wind up with root burn, nutrient imbalances, or an undernourished plant. 

Monstera Plant Food is designed to be used with every watering so that fertilizing becomes a habit. That way, as long as you remember to water your plant, you’ll remember to fertilize without accidentally giving it too much! 

It takes all the guesswork out of fertilizing. Just add a little to your monstera’s water each time you water. That’s it! 


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Monstera Plant Food is available on Amazon. Give it a try!