Monstera plants comes in so many varieties and there are so many featured across Instagram. The Monstera Plant Resource Center has a thriving Instagram page as well. 

You can learn a lot about monstera plants on Instagram. The most popular varieties, how to make a moss pole, and monstera plant care tips. Checking out other monstera plant lovers accounts is fun! 

Here are our top Monstera Plant Instagram accounts for you to follow. 

Monstera plants on Instagram are really popular. Learn more about caring for your monstera plant by following these top monstera plant Instagram accounts.


The Sill features so many different types of houseplants from their shoppable collection. From videos, to featured guests, you will be sure to learn more about caring for your monstera plants here. 


Leon and George is one of the top online retailers of gorgeous indoor plants. Discover a new planter for your monstera too.


Follow Amanda for tips about your monstera plant and check out her many plants that are shipped direct from the greenhouse. 


Chloe highlights unique and rare monstera plants and her photos are gorgeous! Stop your scroll and follow her now. 


Katie is always up for answering questions about your monstera plants. Follow her to learn more about how she cares for her monstera plants. 


Mike has a 25 year old monstera, enough said! Follow his account and read all about his adventures with his monstera and other plants. 


Their many houseplant photos are vibrant and eye-catching. Shop their plants and products and with every product sold, a tree is planted. Win-Win!

Did your favorite Monstera Plant Instagram account make the list?

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