Variegated monsteras are officially the unicorn plant of 2020! They’re expensive, they’re intimidating, and they’re hard to find. But they’re actually not hard to grow or propagate. Join us for an exclusive webinar to cover:

  • How to buy a variegated monstera online
  • The best soil to use
  • The best fertilizer to use
  • How to propagate a variegated monstera
  • Tips and tricks for growing your plant
  • Problems to look out for

Christine Babcock, the co-founder of SoCalTropics will share her tips, tricks, and best practices for healthy and happy plants. Stick around until the end of the webinar to save 10% and get your chance to win a free plant!

About Claire

Hi! I’m Claire and I love houseplants. I love pothos, dracaena, and fiddle leaf figs, but one of my very favorite plants is the monstera. I created the Monstera Plant Resource Center to share what I’ve learned about growing green and gorgeous monsteras.